February 19, 2009

Win the Lottery & Train All the Time

Well, this was supposed to be a continuation of the last entry but I got a little lazy this week with my writing. Well, better late than never. I think that my apply here or is that when I apologize to my wife for trashing the house but not immediately admitting to it?

Sunday's run was great. But I continue to have that slightly hot pain with the sensation of my foot being asleep in my left foot. It usually starts at around 30 to 40 minutes into the run. Sometimes it goes away and sometimes it does not. So far it hasn't shut me down completely so I'll just continue to monitor it. I did 8+ miles in 1 hour and 27 minutes. S-L-O-W I know. But I was trying to keep it in Zone 1 on my HRM which is like trying to walk a tightrope with a 200 pound backpack on. I just can't seem to do it.

Monday was another big day as I hit the pool in the morning for 3000 yards and lifted weights afterwards. It was Presidents Day and I was off from work so I had the afternoon free. It was cool out, maybe 38 degrees, but SUNNY. How could I resist? I mean the bike was still right there by my front door from Saturday's ride. Plus I had a 90 minute ride in the training plan scheduled for tomorrow which almost certainly would have to be done on the trainer. I really don't think there was anything to consider why I shouldn't ride. I mean my wife and daughters were still out of town. What was I going to do anyway? Watch a soap opera? It turned out to be one of those "magical rides" where everything just felt great. The weather was almost perfect. Traffic was light. I was a little tired but I took it slow and got 22 miles in.

Tuesday was an earned day off and much needed. But I think Wednesday it all came crashing down. I hit the pool at 6 AM for a Masters class and I was anything but a master. (Not that I am anything close to one when I am at the top of MY game). I was sluggish at best. But you know, it was all worth it. Outside for two bike rides in three days. I'll take it in the midst of this Winter.

Now I just need to win the lottery so I can train like this all the time.


Melanie said...

i hear you on winning the lottery to free up some training time lol. Saturday's draw here in Canada is somewhere around $39 million... keep your fingers crossed LOL.

Sonia said...

You have better chances of getting hit by lightning than winning the lottery... I'm just saying! LOL Don'T get your hopes up ;-)

Great week, I wish I had half of your motivation!!

Katie said...

Sorry to hear about your foot -- doesn't sound like it's setting you back, but keep an eye on it!