September 30, 2007

Tri-ing With My Daughter

Well, being true to form, I am writing this post late. It's now 2 weeks after my daughter completed her first triathlon at age 17. For me, it was one of the most thrilling races I've completed. It ranks right up there with my two Ironman finishes for sure.

Let me be the bragging father for awhile. First, the triathlon was the American Memorial Triathlon in Greenwood Lake, NY. The distances: 1/2 mile Swim, 16 mile Bike and 4 Mile Run. My daughter is a swimmer by trade so I knew that would be her strength. The idea was that I would catch her on the bike and we would stay together for the rest of the race.

The swim was a mass start with about 150-200 competitors. It was 45 degrees at race time but the water was much warmer. My daughter, with no wetsuit, was nervous but ready. I told her to get out in front and see what she could do. If it got crazy crowded heading for the first buoy then stay right out of the way, I said. Well, she got out in front and did very well. She was the first female and fourth overall out of the water. As I was coming into transition, she was heading out. What a great sight!

I was very impressed with her riding. She really only trained for about 1 1/2 months for this race. Everytime I saw her ahead of me at the crest of a hill, I figured I'd catch her after I reached the same point. But when I got to that point, she had disappeared behind a bend. This went on for awhile until I finally caught up to her around Mile 5 of the bike. I stayed with her the rest of the way and she did great! Results weren't posted yet and in my excitement I didn't write down our time.

We made a quick trasnition to the run and she looked strong starting out. But what hampered her during training hit her in the race as well. She started getting a cramp right under the rib cage. For the first 2 miles we did alot of walk-run to get rid of it. She felt better over the last 2 miles and finished strong. We placed 70th and 71st, I believe. She won the age group for 24 and under! It was a proud moment for sure. And a great start to her triathlon career!

September 11, 2007

September 11: Looking Back

Today is a tough day for all Americans. It is especially tough for us here in the NY area that were directly effected by the events on 9/11. It is a day I will never forget. And I will never forget those who sadly lost their lives.

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, I made my way through the WTC after commuting in from my home in New Jersey. I stepped outside into the beautiful sunshine and walked the distance of less than 100 yards from the South Tower to my office at 90 West Street. It was 8:05 AM as I made it into the building. I was about to begin a staff meeting when, at 8:46 AM, the world changed forever.

I will never forget the images of that day. The death and destruction I witnessed. When the second plane struck the South Tower, after flying over our building, we began our evacuation. Those moments were so surreal because we still did not know the enormity of the situation. Out on the street, looking up at the gaping, burning holes in both towers, I was in shock. But fortunately, I made it home when others didn't.

The pictures above are of my return to the building in November of 2001. The office I'm in was right next door to us, on the same floor, but facing the WTC. When the towers fell, debris littered our building and it caught fire. They say it burned for three days.

Please remember all those who perished today, six years ago in NY, DC and in the fields of Pennsylvania. They are all heroes. God Bless.

September 10, 2007

Congrats to IM Finishers

Congrats go out to all IM Wisconsin finishers. Also, a belated congrats to IM Louisville and IM Canada finshers. Great job all!!

This is race week for my daughter and I. Her first triathlon is next weekend in Greenwood Lake, NY. I plan to be there with her every mile except the swim where she'll crush me. Training has gone well. We did a few bricks and the transition from bike to run was...let's just say....a New Experience.

Don't just love it?!!

September 04, 2007

My Daughter's 1st Tri

For the last month I have been training with my 17 year old daughter for her first triathlon. It's a sprint tri: 1/2 mile swim, 16 mile bike and a 4 mile run. She will crush me on the swim and will wear no wetsuit. The plan is to catch up to her on the bike. I'll pace her from that point on. The date is September 16 and I'm looking forward to it. She is excited but scared. She'll do just fine.