February 08, 2009

Sunday Morning

Well, the rusted chain proved too much to handle this morning. I couldn't get myself out of bed at 6 AM in order to give myself enough time to clean it, get it working and meet my friends by 8 AM. The urge to sleep in was really the culprit here. I had to sleep past 7 with a big training week coming up. I just had to. probably a mental thing. Tomorrow morning a swim workout is scheduled and I will attempt to make the 6 AM masters class. We, shall see.

I was looking at my two past training logs for IMLP 2006 and 2007, I have to say I was outside on the bike alot more than I have been here in 2009. It's not that we've had a lot of snow, it's just that it has stuck around a lot longer. The roads are awful. Potholes, salt, sand, rocks. It's a nightmare for bikes. My race bike, being my "best" bike is 7 years old but it's still my best bike. I can't risk taking it out. It would be a mess so I need my R300 in working condition so I can take advantage of these 50 degree days.
But really I am also horrified at the condition of this bike. I am usually very good about keeping my bikes clean and in working condition. But this is just neglect. DIBS is probably on their way to get me right now. (DIBS = Division of Bike Services) Maybe it's this bike itself. It sure has taken a lot of abuse over the years like 3 years ago on the way to Hilton Head. Somehow the bike rack had come loose and I was dragging this poor thing for a few miles. I had to get several new parts including pedals. DIBS let me off easy on that one.
Well, I will try to bring it back to life and if I can't then it's time to see Juan, my trusty mechanic. What a weekend.

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