February 14, 2009

Big Saturday

What do you do when your wife and daughters are out of town on a Saturday? You train!

I had a big day today and now I'm ready to hit the couch. We hit the road at 8:15 AM with a balmy temperature of 27 degrees and cloudy skies. I had hot packs in both of my shoes and my gloves. They did help but Boy, it was cold! It didn't matter though because I was getting out no matter what today. I haven't been outside on the bike since early December and the trainer was starting to drive me crazy. (Think "the Shinning"). Someday, I have to put a picture up on this blog of my "training room" where my bike sits. I have basically imprisioned myself.

At around 1 hour into the ride, the sun did appear and it warmed up quite nicely. It actually felt great. The pain in the toes and fingers was subsiding. I was glad I didn't blow this off.

After 2 1/4 hours and32 miles, we got off the bikes and ran for 15 minutes. The run is just get the legs to turn over and to feel that heaviness after getting off the bike.

On my way back home, I decided to stop off at my Y and get some laps in. I missed a swim this week plus one was on the schedule for today anyway. I did 2000 yards in under 50 minutes but what really stood out were the two major cramps I experienced. One in the right hamstring and the other in the left foot. Cramps in the pool stink. But, hey, at least I got there.

And now it's either Miller time or crash time. Maybe, I'll see what movies are available via on demand. Either way, I'm in bed early tonight. A long run awaits me for tomorrow.

What else do you do with your wife and daughters out of town? You write a blog entry on a Saturday night. I lead an exciting life!


Melanie said...

Awesome workout! I can't wait to ride outside again -- starting to go a little crazy on the trainer too :) Have a great run tomorrow!

Sonia said...

Great day!! I think you're crazy for riding outside in that weather. I know it's not as cold as it is here... but still!! I would have needed hot pads in my pants lol

I love my trainer and I am definitely in a prison like where it is. I think I like it more than riding outside... crazy I know! Here's to another great week =)