March 19, 2008

Ironman Destroys the Will to train

Ironman can corrupt the soul. It can mess with the drive. Anything less than an Ironman race, once you have trained for an Ironman race, can destroy the will to train. Agree or disagree?

What I am saying is that without an ironman to train for, the drive to train is less. I am sure that many may agree but for me it seems to be true. Here it is March and I am still talking about this struggle to train on a consistent basis. I want to do well at Eagleman believe me. I know through experience that if you go into Eagleman not properly trained, the elements can make it a long and horrible day for you. But here I am, at home wondering when I'll feel like going to the Y to swim. Or hit the basement and my trainer.

This is how I feel today.