March 05, 2009

Getting Sick

When you're sick not only don't you feel like training but you don't feel like writing either. I got hit with something just short of strep throat. I missed two days of work (which I never do) and an entire week of training. But even now, with this the first week back, I am easing back in. My energy just got really zapped. I couldn't lift my arms.

It all happened after my run on Sunday, February 22. I wasn't feeling great Saturday night but had a 1 hour and 40 minute run scheduled for Sunday. I think I broke the cardinal rule. If it's below the head, don't work out. If it's above it then go ahead. Is that it? Anyway, I had a cough that was burning at the end of it. That should have been my warning sign but I ran anyway. It had been a good week. Long but good so I wanted to finish it with this run. Then I came crawling home. It was the run from Hell. No energy. Shivering. Aches and pains. I also think I was tired from the 41 miles on the bike the day before. I spent the whole day in bed after the run with extreme body aches. Started running a fever and just felt like crap. I went to the doctor on Monday and got anti-biotics and here I am. Better and getting stronger each day. Back to training. Back to writing.

My Ironman fever has cooled. I actually thought of dropping out. But I'm ready to start full tilt again. It's supposed to be 60 this weekend and that's good news. I'm just done with this winter. Done. It's been a long one here in the East. Global warming is not here yet. I can attest to that.


Melanie said...

glad you're feeling better! the bugs have been bad this year... and i agree that global warming sure hasn't proven itself lately...

Katie said...

Hopefully you're back to full strength now. Don't let the cold get you down -- sometimes the coldness is easier to deal with than heatstroke! ;-)

Oh, and you'd better just be talking smack about the Tri and not actually considering dropping out. You deserve to see it through!