November 29, 2009

Last Year

At this time last year, I was completing Week 1 of training for Ironman Lake Placid. All I can say is that it brought a smile to my face when I realized I wasn't signed up for 2010! Hit the woods yesterday for some great single track mountain biking and it was fantastic!

I usually don't mountain bike during IM training for fear of a needless injury. But those shackles are off this year. Looking forward to a nice "easy" winter of running, mountain biking, casual road riding (weather permitting) and taking it slow. Sometime around February I'll head back to the pool to start training for a Half IM in June. Oh yeah! Now it's time for another cup of coffee.

November 03, 2009

Turning the Page

So, tomorrow I will put an end to this time of idleness. Thanks to Mel 2nd Chances (, I am going to run tomorrow morning either on the street or the treadmill. In fairness to me, I've been putting in a good Saturday workout on the mountain bike. But other than that: nothing. Nothing since Lake Placid.

Again, in fairness to me, I started a new job 6 weeks ago and I've been wrapped up in that. However, in order to not let me off the hook here, I've had plenty of time to get it going in the morning. I've just been lazy. I've also felt little desire to write here on something that has been such a big part of my life over the last 12 years: the sport of triathlon.

Time to turn the page.