February 11, 2009


I am a BIG fan of Sully Sullenberger and the rest of the crew of Flight 1549. If you watched the interviews on 60 minutes or Larry King Live, you might agree. There are many parts of this story that make it great. But I guess the most important is that it had a happy ending. The 155 people from that flight are alive today because of the quick thinking of Sully. It's amazing when you start to look at the amount of time he had to make the decision on what to do with the plane. I may be off slightly with these numbers but it was about 2 minutes into the flight when they struck the birds and about 6 minutes in when he put the jet down into the Hudson. It seems like he played out all the scenarios of what to do in his mind like he had a microprocessor crunching all the numbers. It's just amazing that someone can think that quickly and that soundly and under all that pressure. He really had no time to think of his family or the passengers in back. He only thought of what his options were for saving these people and this plane. He had a triathlete's focus and detrmination multiplied to the tenth power.
So, with that I ask you, what is the deal with Alex Rodriguez? How come he couldn't think that clearly before he shot HGH into himself? Or that woman, Jennifer Figge, who claims to have swam across the Atlantic Ocean? Well, it's now come out that it was a hoax. She only swam 250 miles in all. What was she thinking before she let the media publish this story? The world is filled with imposters and "role models" that constantly let us down. We are in need of true heroes.
In the end, I hope nothing bad comes out about Sully and his Crew. I hope there are no skeletons in the closet. Hopefully, he paid all his taxes. Hopefully, his ultra human thinking capacity wasn't enhanced by shooting adrenaline into his veins. Is that stuff banned? If he is who he says he is and I gotta believe he is, then I'd like to see kids wearing Sully Football Jersey's with his name on the back. Or kids playing with Flight 1549 trading cards instead of A-Roid's rookie card. Or maybe what will happen is that this story will make us feel good for awhile but then fade into the background once its' run its' course. That is how a true hero story goes.
We will all remember where we were that day and how Sully and his team made us feel hopeful. A story to inspire a generation.


Katie said...

What's great is that he's not pushing himself into the limelight -- he's a true hero and still humble. Hope he flies again soon!

Leah said...

I'm a big fan too, and have been riveted by the story. There are few bright spots these days. And last night's news out of Buffalo was just so sad.