December 01, 2008

Am I George Costanza?

Ok, I blew off tonight's Strength workout. Since it's the tendency of a triathlete, at least this triathlete (see last post), to justify why it was done, I will act like George Costanza and do the opposite. I will offer no explanation. In fact, I will be arrogant, in a George Costanza kind-of-way and illustrate the rest of my workout week. I will let you draw your own conclusions. One key to this, as well as my reference to my last post, is that Justification is a form of Whining.

Here's the week ahead:

1. Monday: Strength for 1 hour. (Arrived home at 7:15 from work)

2. Tuesday: Bike 1 Hour (will hit the Trainer before I catch the bus at 6:55 bound for NYC & Work)

3. Wednesday: Swim 45 minutes & Strength for 1 hour (Will hit the Y before work, try to get everything in and then shower and dress at the Y to leave by 7:30 for a breakfast meeting at 8 in NJ; father-in-law coming over tonight)

4. Thursday: Run for 45 minutes (before work and then hit the road by 7:30 for office in NJ; Easy Day)

5. Friday: Swim for 1 hour and Strength for 1 hour (before work; must arrive by 8 AM; easy day)
You know, when you write it our, it doesn't look that hard. It's only Week 2. I just have to stay disciplined and take it 1 workout at a time. Bed at 10 PM. Goodnight!


Leah said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Your week looks quite full to me. But I'm definitely in full-on whining mode. :)

Sonia said...

Seems like a good looking week! What is your target race?