November 30, 2008

The Training Whine

I tend to whine during the early days of training. My wife notices it. And she makes sure that I know she notices it. So, in addition to being mindful to hitting my workouts, I must also be mindful of my tongue.

Over the last 4 years, I've acquired some "over use" injuries. Both knees hurt from Runner's Knee and now I have this thing with both feet. Sometimes when I'm running (or walking), it feels like my foot is broken. I have to stop. On some days around the house, I'm limping and some days I am not. I can't explain it. I had a similar injury 2 years ago and the doctor couldn't find anything wrong. Both an X-Ray and an MRI were negative. He ended up giving me a shot of cortisone and an oral mediaction with the same medicinal effect. I guess it worked because it got me through the rest of training with 2 months to go to race day. And it got me through the race: my second IM finish. But they are still with me and these nagging, annoying injuries get the best of me and make me whine. I start to focus on them instead of the workout itself. They hang over my head and penetrate my performance because it just doesn't feel good to run. I used to love to run but these "hurts" really hurt and block me from really pushing hard.

Today's workout was a 1 hour run. I was dreading it. Factor in the weather, rain and cold, and my whine was in full swing. Actually, I need to give myself a break here and state that it's not that bad. I think my wife is over sensitive to it. But nonetheless, I did catch myself whining today as I procrastinated over when to start. Finally, driven by the foul conditions, I got out there and actually had a decent run. The foot hurt but I got through it with little trouble. There was no need to stop and the last 30 minutes actually felt very good.

When I arrived home, I felt the need to complain about my knee's. They were sore. As I made my way inside, I saw my wife and she asked me how my run was. I hesitated and then said, "Fine." And then added, "Wet too." She smiled.


Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by... I know what you mean about injuries. Sometimes I'm not sure whats worse, actually feeling the pain from an injury or just having that constant fear that the pain will start. Good job on the run, and keep up the good training!

Sonia said...

Whine away! that's why it's your blog and you can do whatever you want LOL

As the foot injury we seem to be going through the same kind of issue

'Sometimes when I'm running (or walking), it feels like my foot is broken. I have to stop.'

This definitely happened to me, when I was running on my stupid foot. Now that I've been reasonable stopped running for 47 days (yes I am counting!) after my 2nd cortisone injection. It does feels better but sometimes when I wake up and get out of bed I can feel a sort of 'weakness' in my ankle not sure it is the foot anymore.... This is weird. I am also waiting for a MRI but my doctor thinks it will be useless, but I need ways to prove it is not broken lol

BTW thanks for stopping by my blog! I really enjoy yours and hope to be a IM finisher one day.