January 21, 2010

Good vs. Evil

Yesterday morning looked bad. I couldn't get out of bed right at 6 AM so I was on the verge of losing my window of opportunity. My window was this: I needed to get on the trainer at 6:05 in order to get 30 minutes of riding in, be able to shower, dress & eat something and all before 7:15 so I could take my daughter to school and then drive myself to work. And, last but not least, keep my promise. My promise to finally get myself going in 2010.

Well, my daughter was putting up quite the resistance. She said she "didn't feel well" and I was pushing her a little hard. I was also pushing the clock. I looked at my watch and it read 6:25. I was ready to throw in the towel when my wife said she was letting her sleep for a little longer and would take her in after 1st period. Okay I thought. Do I go back to bed and sleep for 30 more minutes? Or do I push through this mental resistance that has been hanging over me like the smog in LA? I had good and evil on opposite shoulders and evil was about to win when I finally said "Enough!"

I changed into my bike shorts, a dri-fit shirt, grabbed some socks, my ipod, bike shoes and headed down to my dark, dank and chilly basement. What happened next was a transformation. A re-awakening if you will. OK, maybe it wasn't that poetic but I did get 25 minutes in and felt great afterwards. A small victory and a step forward. I will admit that I felt more vigorous throughout the day. Maybe not so much from the physical workout itself but from the mental aspects that I pushed through. Good beat evil and I'll live another day. But let's see what tomorrow brings.

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