January 18, 2010

My Jog

I run; I don't jog. I go running; I don't go jogging. Those of us who seem to take running seriously, always want to make that distinction. Jogging is something you do casually. "There's nothing to do so let's go out for a jog." But running defines you. You're going somewhere when you run. Whether it's long mileage or part of triathlon training, running has a purpose. When I go for a run, I typically fight through mental or physical pain. Physical usually being the soreness in my knee's. Mental usually being another obstacle on my way to race day. Do I have to run again today? "It's cold outside, it's raining and I've worked out 6 days this week already." That's what running conjures up in the mind. Jogging does not.

So, last Monday, I made my way down to the basement to my treadmill. I've been struggling with my workouts since last July and part of the problem is that I have no races scheduled for 2010 right now. No Ironman. I've raced 3 out of the last 4 years and the family and I need a break. No Half-Ironman. My 9 straight years of heading south in June to Eagleman will come to an end in 2010. Therefore, I have no goals.

My intention this early Monday morning, before work, was to get on the treadmill and get the legs amd knee's begging for more of this. Tease them a little. Get them used to the pain and get the mind used to doing something early. Endorphins can illicit addiction. My overall plan was to get moving 4 days a week at the minimum. And this morning I was shooting low. I was going for lowing hanging fruit. Get an entry in the workout journal as a cornerstone for the rest of the winter. Bring me into the Spring, when the days start to get longer and the temperature warmer, with the right mindset. That's why I kept the speed low, the incline at zero, the time short and went for a jog to get things going.

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Mel-2nd Chances said...

forward motion, that's where it starts. It's so true that having a goal race on the calendar is huge for the mindset of training... but it sounds like you're beginning a new journey :)

By the way, thank you VERY much for the comments on my post today... much appreciated. Updating the blog was fun and I'm happy with the results. Anytime you need some help, lemme know! I have bookmarked a few sites that have some great backgrounds and you'll be surprised how easy it is. You can email me at mel.2ndchances@gmail.com and I'll forward them to ya!! Take care!