March 15, 2009

Hurry Spring

Ok, cold weather really does SUCK! Have I said this before? Maybe, on one or two occasions. But it's really testing my patience this year. The last three Winters have been mild so it hasn't been bad in terms of training but this year just don't get me started!

On Saturday, I was on my way to meet my training partners for our scheduled long ride. It was 27 degrees out and I started to question why I was doing this. (Don't worry I am not dropping out! It's all just smack Katie!) I left a nice warm bed with the promise of hot coffee and the morning paper to ride and freeze my fingers and toes off. Plus, not to mention all the clothes you have to pile on. That in itself is getting old. But nonetheless, I trudged on and was not alone in my opinions.

At one point during the ride, we passed another person in their robe walking down their driveway, coffee cup in hand, to pick up the paper. I said to Jim, "I want to be that person. I'm sick of being the freezing one on the bike passing by." He agreed.

It did manage to warm up to about 43 degrees when we started our run. But it wasn't like it was last week when the starting temp was 30 and the ending temp was 60. And you know it's only with the bike that the cold weather sucks. I love to run in the cold. Ok, maybe I don't love it but I tolerate it. Actually, I do like it. But with the bike the issue is time since we are on it so long. Spring can't get here quick enough.

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Melanie said...

wow, that's a cold ride.. not sure i have the guts to do that, but I admire you for it. I contemplated getting my bike on the road this weekend, but with my race in 2 weeks, i'll keep it on the trainer for just a wee bit longer :) btw, in answer to your question about football pads... thankfully it was only Touch football, not tackle :)