September 12, 2008

September 11

One day late....

There was a building
It was my building
and it was a football field from the south tower
There was a desk
my desk where I sat on a beautiful sunny morning
There was the sound
nothing more than a sonic boom
There were the debris
falling from the sky
sheets of metal and images
too hard to describe
There was a second sound
this one louder and
more frightening
There was this moment whatever it was
it was real and it was just beginning
There were these stairs
where we were asked to climb down
There was the confusion all around
the images that won't go away
There is this day
a day to remember all those I passed
the day before and the morning of
There is this day
that no one can forget
but all wish we could
There is this day and
I wish there never was.

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