September 17, 2008

Jamie Whitmore

There is an article in the October issue of triathlete about Jamie Whitmore, the incredibly talented Xterra pro athlete. If you are not aware of her situation, she has been out of racing this year after the discovery and removal of a cancerous tumor in her leg.

I have enjoyed reading about Jamie's racing successes and her epic battles with Melanie McQuaid. And although the greatest thing about our sport is that we get to race with the Pro's (but only see them dressed and rested while we cross the finish line), I have never raced with Jamie. And now it appears that she is battling not only for her career but for her life. Since the article went to press, it appears that she has struggled with some health issues the cancer has produced and is not out of the woods yet. You can read about her status on her blog:

It's another story in the long line of stories about how fragile life can be. Here is a super trained, super talented and fiercely competitive athlete. One day she is a champion and the next day she is struggling to survive. I believe her strength will save her and get her back into racing but in the meantime, we can all help with her healing by praying.

And when you get up the next morning, think about Jamie but think about your own life as well. How would you live it differently if you knew you were going to be sick? Would you be more aware of your surroundings? The people you love? Would you finally sign up for that triathlon you have always dreamed of? Would you finally take that bike ride you have been talking about since New Year's Day? Better yet, wake up and think healthy. Think positive thoughts and be what you have always wanted to be. You will be rewarded. Just don't forget to pray for Jamie, your family and yourself.

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