December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Another new year is upon us but I am glad to get 2007 in the books. More than anything else, it was a time of change. There were many victories, many defeats and some battles that continue on. There is no Ironman on my schedule in 2008. But I will watch Lake Placid in July and sign up again for 2009. That's the plan. This year will be a chance to heal the body parts that have been abused: Knees's and Feet. And add a new injury, broken meta carpal in my left hand, that is still healing.

It will be time to face new challenges. My parents will face their 85th year very differently from the shape they started out from in 2007. Their health issues were stressful for myself and the rest of the family in 2007. I'm praying for them to have a healthier 2008.

My oldest daughter will be leaving the house to attend college in the Fall. It will be a challenge to manage how my wife and I will react to that. We're excited for her but having your first born leave to go away to school will be an emotional roller coaster I'm sure.

I've taken a bit of a hiatus from this Blog but hope to return or more regular posts this year. So far, my training schedule only includes Eagleman and a sprint tri the folowing week. I will look to pick up another few races to enter and report on.

Until then, Happy New Year, Happy Training and Good health to all!

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Spandex King said...

Happy New Year!! Year of the Ironman for me.