December 10, 2007

The Greatest of All Time

Today the greatest rock band of my generation reunited at London's O2 arena. The early reviews that filed in proclaimed that Led Zeppelin still has it. How exciting! I now anxiously await word that a US tour will follow.

When I listen to their music, it lifts me into another dimension. It penetrates my soul. More than any other act, Zeppelin is the soundtrack for my life. Other bands come close, like U2 and Springsteen, but don't touch Zep's intensity.

I saw them live in 1977 at the ripe old age of 16 and remember the concert like it was yesterday. My best friend Steve and I sat in the orchestra section of Madison Square Garden, the envy of our classmates back in Junior High. Back then, we mailed our ticket application in, with a check for $20+ and anxiously awaited the tickets to arrive in the mail. They came, we went and the memory has lasted for 30 plus years. Steve is gone now, God Bless his soul, but that day will live with me forever. Whenever I hear Zeppelin, I think of Steve and many other milestones in my life that were framed by this great catalog of music.

Long Live Robert, Jimmy, John Paul, John and Jason. Long Live Steve S!

All that glitters is Gold.

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