October 11, 2007

Sports Dream

I'm excited. If you're like me, you have sports dreams. Some of the ones on the top of my list are seeing the Mets play the Cubs in a weekend series at Wrigley, the Giants or Jets or Packers in the Super Bowl, Mets in the World Series, being at the Masters, finishing the Ironman World Championship in Kona, etc. Another one will be realized this weekend as I head to Notre Dame with my daughter. She's a senior in HS and is interested in seeing the campus. The dream? Notre Dame vs Boston College on Saturday. Can't wait! I think we might surprise them.


ND 27 BC 24 ....on a late field goal.

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Dan Seifring said...

I went for my first (and only) trip to ND in 2002 for the ND vs BC game. This was Ty Willinghams first year as coach and ND was 8-0 going into the game and lost 14-7.

It was a great experience and can't wait to take the trip again sometime.