October 01, 2007

In mourning...over the Mets

I love my wife. I love triathlon. I love the USA.

But I bleed NY Mets blue and orange. For all diehard Mets fans everywhere...today is a national day of mourning. The much hated Phillies skipped over us and took control of 1st place. Hats off to the Phils for sweeping us umpteen times but in the end..we beat ourselves. The division was ours and we let it slip away. And now there is no post season..no potential World Series win...which would have been our first since 1986. The only solace is the Braves are out as well.

I'll probably be watching the playoffs with one eye this year...rooting for whoever is playing the Phillies and the Yanks.

Just wait until next year....

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