July 12, 2007

Ironman Week Approaches

I leave for Lake Placid 1 week from today. At this point, the training is effectively over. You either have or you don't. And of course Race Day will have it's final say. Anything can Happen and Anything is Possible. But before I leave there are a few things still to do:

-Get the bike tuned up
-one more cortisone shot in the left foot/ankle
-convince the doctor to give one in the right foot as well
-make dinner reservations for Saturday night before the race
-get my haircut
-solidify race nutrition
-check my Tri List. Twice.

On and on and on. I'm one of those super organized people. I'm so organized that I'm disorganized. I'll be writing more as we appraoch July 22 so stay tuned.

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