July 17, 2007

Getting Ready

This morning I completed my last pool swim before IM. I cut it short because I ran out of time. It starts to make you wonder and doubt. Did I train enough for this year's race? I'm compulsive about stats so I start to look at what I did this year compared to last. My swim yardage was about the same in distance so I'm not concerned there. Plus, I had a half-Iron time in Eagleman 6 weeks ago that I'm quite happy about (<38 mins).

There was alot more mileage on the bike this year, which was good because my bike time in IM last year was not satisfactory (7:26:57). I feel I'm positioned to attack it a little more this Sunday. On the flip side, my running time and mileage is off due to a foot injury that kept me sidelined for almost 2 months (April to mid-May). But the way I look at the run in IM is to just survive. I'm still confident that I can beat last year's overall time and all I need to do is improve on the run by 15 minutes. It's definitely do-able. Of course, I'm looking for a faster bike (by 45 minutes), the same swim (1:19:27) and a better T1 (last year...15:45) to get that desired time. I took a nap in T1! Can't do that this year. Plus, if the knee and feet feel good..then who knows?

It's a long day and it has to be approached that way. Stick to my raceplan and everything should be ok.

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