April 17, 2007

My Trip to Hilton Head, Part II

Actually, what I said was, my bike has been in an accident. I didn't want to alarm her too much.

Or did I say: “You’re never going to believe what happened?”

Either way, it was gnawing at me that I may have ruined my bike albeit my back up. And that I might not be able to train when we’re in Hilton Head. The R300 is a beginner bike but it’s the one I graduated to from my old 2-ton Schwinn World Tour. So, I do have some good memories with her. Ok, back to the conversation with my wife.

“How did you not hear that?”

“I don’t know” I said.

“Were you blasting the radio again?”

“No, well…maybe a little.” Pause. Reflection. “No, I wasn’t. No way”

“Molly didn’t hear it either?”

“I guess not”

And so began the inquisition. Dragging me over hot coals again and again until I was completely numb. As if I wasn’t in enough pain already. You know when you ruin something that’s expensive and dear to your heart, you feel like crud? Well, that’s how I felt. Like dropping your new i-pod 2 days after you get it? The only thing that can heal the hurt is time. And a good bike repair man.

That night, I checked out where a Performance Bike shop might be on our way down to Hilton Head on Sunday. I figured new pedals and whatever else I needed would be too expensive on the island so better get them on the way there. I would look for an authorized Cannondale dealer. Maybe the guy would know a little more about repairing a Cannondale than the average mechanic. With a little luck, I wouldn’t miss a beat and be riding by the 2nd day of vacation. Little did I know that it would have been better to drag my golf clubs than my bike.

Stay tuned for the exciting climax!

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