February 12, 2007

Tri Stream of Consciousness

6 AM alarm clock. 7 AM ride. 14 degrees out. Saturday morning long ride. 2 1/2 hours on the trainer. No way. Get Outside. 6 layers of clothing. Hot packs. Face mask. Booties. Winter gloves. Why am I doing this? Friends inside on trainers. Music. Good times. Laughing. Not really. Hate the trainer. Too long. Pain. Should have gone out earlier. Daughter's swim meet. Need to drive her. Pick up bagels. Should have gone out earlier. Eagleman 4 months away. Lake Placid 5 months away. Knee's hurt. Right side cold. Thumb is numb. Hungry. Clif bar. Tastes good. Water bottle frozen. Gatorade. Ice. Slow pace. Stay in the heart rate zone. Face stings. Wind. Starting to get dizzy. Dizzy. Florida. California. Arizona. New Jersey. Feels like snow. Time to go home. Cut it short. Make up the rest. On the trainer. Full circle. Waiting for Spring. Body stings. As the blood rushes back. Shower. Out the door. Drive her to school. Tomorrow. Long run. Can't wait. For warm weather.

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