December 18, 2006

Top Ten I-Pod Songs

The 2005-2006 training season was a break out year for Apple and the I-pod. How did we live without this thing? Not too long ago I was running the streets with a Sony Walkman. Thing must have weighed at least 5 pounds. I used to try clipping the thing inside my shorts but it felt like I was running with a sack of potatoes strapped to my waist. And don’t get me started about taking the time to change tapes or trying to tune in my preferred radio station. A 30 minute run became a 45 minute run. It was 30 minutes of actual running and 15 minutes of messing around with the music. Well, that’s old technology and in the past. I now have an I-pod shuffle. The shuffle only fits about 100-120 songs but it is sufficient….sort of. Those 100 songs do kind of get stale after awhile but it’s far superior to the Walkman. This year I’m thinking of asking Santa for a Nano then those 100 songs will mix in nicely with another 400 more.

With that spirit in mind, here’s my Top 10 songs that I love to run to. At least for now.

1. Vertigo: U2
2. State of Love and Trust: Pearl Jam
3. All About Soul: Billy Joel
4. Fool in the Rain: Led Zeppelin
5. Bad: U2
6. Wonderwall: Oasis
7. The Scientist: Coldplay
8. Rock and Roll Band: Boston
9. That Smell: Lynyrd Skynyrd
10. Ants Marching: Dave Mathews Band

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