December 02, 2006

Hey, All You Drivers Out There

If you are reading this, you are probably not the audience I'm trying to reach for this post. But who knows maybe this will reach one driver who’s not a triathlete, runner, biker or a combination there of and stumbled onto this blog. Can you see where I’m going with this? I'm talking about the road where drivers, bikers, runners, even walkers often meet. This post isn’t about the “nice” things that drivers say when they pass you. And it's not about the “nice” things they throw out their windows (not at you but just to get rid of it since it’s taking up valuable space inside the car). And it shouldn’t be about how they never want to move over to give you some space even when no other cars are coming at them in the opposite direction. It seems that if they pass that double yellow line, they will immediately be ticketed by the cops or worse yet, explode into a million pieces. God forbid! Why risk it? But if it were about that then I have to ask you: Why is that? What did our little group of health conscious triathletes do to the driving public to be treated like criminals? I can imagine a bumper sticker: This Car Speeds Up on Bikers and Runners! Are they so desperate to get to their destination 15 seconds faster that they are willing to risk a serious injury to someone or worse, killing them? We all know the stories of athletes that don’t come back from a training ride or run. I don’t want to go there but God rest their souls.

Ok, so here it is a public safety announcement. To all you drivers out there who are sharing the road with bikers, runners, walkers, people pushing strollers, etc., please SLOW DOWN! (I’m really trying to be nice here. No foul language. Offering the olive branch, amnesty, etc.) We’re out there doing something we love. We’re good for the environment and we only need a little bit of the road. You can have most of it. We mean no harm to anyone. And we have every right to be on that road with you. Just give us a break will you?

Ok, I’m done. Hopefully, the message came through. Good night all. See you in the morning on the streets of fire.

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