October 20, 2006

To Live and Die for....the Mets

Ok, I realize that this is only my second post and already I’m straying from the subject of triathlon. But following and rooting for the New York Mets is a great passion of mine. Heck, I’ve been doing triathlon for over 9 years but living and dying with the Mets for over 37 years! Since those magical nights in 1969 while watching the Metropolitans over take the Orioles on our black & white TV, I’ve been hooked. So, it is with these words that I declare that I’m in mourning right now after the 9th inning loss to the Cards last night.

Since this is sill my off-season for training, watching the NLCS provided some great distraction during this time. Training for my second Ironman (Lake Placid 2007) will begin soon enough so I’ve been enjoying my time watching the games. But now all that is over. And soon I will crank it up for another season. Training for Lake Placid will officially begin in early December. Right now I’m filling the days with a variety of activities including Mountain Biking, Weights, Yoga, some swimming, some running and some road biking. Nothing too strenuous, just keeping it loose and keeping a careful eye on the diet. And dare I say it one more time before retiring the phrase until opening day 2007: Let’s Go Mets!

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