October 19, 2006

First Day on the Blog

If you are reading this, then Welcome to My Blog! This is my very first post on my very first blog. So, thank you for finding me and reading what I have to say.

The central theme of this blog will be about triathlon for the average age-grouper. I'll focus on training and racing tips not just from me but from people like me as well as the experts. And it will also be about life. How do we fit all this training into our lives and make them both work?

I have been inspired by so many great blogs I’ve been reading over the last few months. Some have been triathlon related and some have not. They have all been an inspiration. My thoughts and ideas for this blog have been years in the making. My first idea was to create a website with the same theme before I knew what a blog was. But after reading others and understanding how blogs work, I knew this was the way to go.

I want to uncover the “secrets” of triathlon for all the newbies and veterans alike. (Whatever those secrets are; at presstime, the definition for secrets is debatable). Even if you have been doing triathlon for years, there is always something new to learn. I want to talk about motivation. What keeps us going at 5 AM on a cold, January morning as we rise from our bed and hit the road for a bike or a run or plunge into an icy, cold pool? How does our real life with family and friends overlap into our training and racing schedules? How do we keep everyone in our lives happy? These are some of the stories other triathletes want to hear and most want to share. But I’ll need your help to tell them all. So, please make sure you leave your comments on my posts with your thoughts, ideas, tips and stories. Let’s help each other. Let's make each other laugh.

Well, that’s it, for now. That’s the basic idea for this blog. I’m sure its content will certainly evolve over time. But when you strip it down, it will all still be about the Swim, the Bike and the Run. (There are other things it's about but I'll get to them another time.) Thanks again for checking out the Iron H blog! Hope you enjoy it.

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