September 06, 2009

The Wheels Came Off

I went for my first bike ride after Ironman this past Tuesday. (The race was almost 6 weeks ago) I went for my second one 2 days later on Thursday. Let me tell you, it felt great to be back on the road.

There were several reasons why it took me so long to get back out there. The first BIG one was laziness. The second BIGGER one was that I couldn't get my tires back on my wheels. I know that really sounds lame, doesn't it? It's funny because I feel like I am fairly good when it comes to "simple bike repairs." I would consider fixing a flat and getting the tire back on the wheel to be one of them. But for some reason, the two new tires I bought and the wheels I own (Easton T3, by the way) were not in agreement with each other. For the race I had borrowed my friend's wheels because I had a "spoke" issue with my wheels 2 weeks before race day. I was afraid of a spoke breaking again during Ironman.

Putting my tires on his wheels: No Problem. But my tires on my wheels: Big Problem!

For weeks, I took a shot at it. But all I accomplished were sore red hands and sore red fingers. It was embarrassing! Why couldn't I do this?? I never had this issue before. And I wanted to ride this bike so badly. The weather during this time period was mostly amazing. It was begging me to get outside. I thought of taking them to my local bike shop but the shame I would feel. Not an option. This went on for awhile until last Monday when I made one final charge. I had a vision the night before about how I could do it. I can't write it here because I am thinking of marketing this technique and wouldn't want to give away any trade secrets for free. The vision came true. The technique worked! And much to my delight, I was back on the road. This is what Ironman has taught me: Never Give Up! There is so much practicality to this insane sport they call Ironman. Its lessons are endless. At least that is what I keep telling myself.


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