August 21, 2009

IM Lake Placid-The Race: Right and Wrong

Last post, I spelled out what I did right and what I did wrong during training. So, now I will look at the actual race and do the same.

The Race (Wrong):

1. Nutrition: I thought I had corrected one of my issues: Gatorade. I replaced it with Heed by Hammer for the bike. For the most part, I felt it worked. But when the temperature rose, my desire to drink sank. In terms of "food", I chose 1/2 Clif Bar per hour plus Powerbar Gel Blasts to get me to about 350-400 calories per hour. The heat turned off the desire to eat those foods as well. So, it's back to the drawing board to figure it out.

2. The Run: I always feel this way after a race but I start to question whether I ran hard enough. Did I walk too much? Could I have pushed harder? It's not so much that my run went wrong as much as it is that I wish I felt better during the run.

3. Transition: I need to get better with these. I didn't really improve from 2007 and let me tell you, there is plenty of room for improvement. I think because it's Ironman, I take my sweet time. What does 4 or 5 minutes really mean in a 13 -14 hour race? It means a lot. It really does.

The Race (Right):

1. First Loop of the Bike: The first 56 miles felt good. For the first time, I didn't wear a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and went by feel. I think I pushed as hard as I wanted to on the first loop and stayed within my desired zone. I was hopeful for the last 56.

2. The Swim: I was happy. Beat my previous best by 2 minutes. Thought I could go faster. Thought the second loop should have been faster. But I came out of the water feeling good and pleased with the time. So, the swim was a win.

3. Clothing: I wore the same outfit the entire race and it worked for me. In my Run Special Needs bag I thought I had left a long sleeve Dri-fit shirt. It sometimes gets cool on the second run loop but it turn out I had put a short sleeve shirt in there instead. In the end I didn't need it anyway so I made all the right moves.

The little things matter in this race. And all the experts agree (well, most of them do) that nutrition is the 4th discipline. It's incredibly important especially for me. I always say I will do better the next time. This year I did but I still have many kinks to work out.

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Mel-2nd Chances said...

having done my first try-a-tri today, I have only the utmost and a much higher respect to IM triathletes. Wow. It's such a fun sport and everyone is amazing. Great race reflection :)