May 03, 2009

Guy's Weekend

I am just back from a "guy's weekend" with my father-in-law and my 6 brothers in law. (There is a 7th but he couldn't join us as he is in Germany with the US Army). This is our traditional Christmas gift from my wife's Dad. A weekend of golf and hanging out. I met up with the rest of the group for dinner as I couldn't get off work Friday but the rest of them could. They all played golf during the day while I worked. I also brought all my workout clothes and training gear as I am at the end of Week 23 in IM Training and couldn't take off the weekend from training. So, I did what I have always done the last three years this traditional trip has occurred: I ride after golf.

Friday night was good food, laughs and a lot of beers. And I mean a lot of beers. Somehow they are hard to count when your glass is rarely empty. Pitchers are filled and glasses are re-filled.

Bedtime was midnight.

The alarm sounded at 6:15 Saturday morning. The head was foggy and the mouth was dry. I needed water and coffee in that order. And then I needed more coffee. We played 18 holes of golf and it was a glorious day. Cloudy and windy for the first nine but by the back we were basking in sunshine. After lunch we finally got back home at 1:30 and as everyone started to sack out on couches, floors and beds (Yes-there were a few nappers), I changed into my bike shorts and headed out for a 1 hour 45 minute ride followed by a 15 minute run. We were in the Poconos so I had a nice rolling hills course to simulate Lake Placid. I was tired but the sun was really out now and I was looking forward to it. I was also thankful that the training schedule didn't call for a 3 to 4 hour ride. That would have been depressing.

After I completed my workout, it was time to shower and then it was back to watching sports, eating and drinking more beer. I didn't go too crazy because Sunday was a 1 hour 20 minute run. But we were all gassed anyway from the day and people were leaving early so it was an early night. I do admit that Yuengling's taste better after 30 miles on the bike and a great day of golf. Plus, there is no guilt. I can't wait until next year!


Melanie said...

Sounds like a great time, and kudos to you for still getting in your training! Well done :)

Sonia said...

I think this is a very cool gift that your step mother gives the family! Sounds like a very fun time =)

Good job on getting the miles in, a IM in training is so dedicated!!

My parents spent their honeymoon in the Poconos, in the 70's that was a very popular spot for french canadian to go.