January 12, 2009

Triathlon is Life

Triathlon training makes me feel alive. As much as I complain about getting up early, doing the actual workouts makes me feel on top of the world. I thrive on the endorphins that come from a strong swim, a great bike ride or a long run. It could be running, swimming, biking or triathlon, if it makes you feel strong and alive, then it's life. To me, triathlon is life.

Today begins Week 8 of the road to Ironman Lake Placid. Last week was supposed to be a big week in terms of training time. But due to the weather, work obligations and a host of other excuses, I did a little over half of what I was supposed to do. My training partners were in the same boat. However, when a workout is missed, whatever the opposite of life is, that is what I feel like. And it doesn't feel good. An enormous amount of guilt comes over me. I then have to plan on doing it after work and during the Winter, that is always tough. I get home at night tired, it's dark out, la la la, you know the rest.

But today, Day 1 of Week 8 and it calls for a day off. A much needed mental and physical rest. For the last few weeks I have been dealing with cold weather, snow, ice, rain and little sleep. It takes its toll. A day off is good. No, a day off is great!

I plan to hit every workout this week including getting to bed on time. And it's time for that.


Sonia said...

You're totally right, a great workout makes me feel alive too. I feel best after a great run. I am just starting to feel good after a swim or a bike.... these 2 are slowly creeping up on me. LOL A triathlete in the making!

Last week was bad, then make your best to have a good week, what is behind you cannot be change. Great attitude! =)

Melanie said...

Have a great week, with some excellent workouts. i know what you mean by missing workouts, but it makes you work that much harder and appreciate it more when you get them in :o)

Kim said...

Nicejob on the training. Rest days are awesome but training days are even better!

Katie said...

Hey! Thanks for stoppy by my blog, and I look forward to reading more about your Ironman training! :-)