October 01, 2008

This Will Not Be Like Last Year

Ok, the Mets didn't make the playoffs again this year. It will be a long Winter so what. My knees have been hurting so no big deal. What else is new really? I've been working alot of hours. I'm used to it. My running shoes are worn out. New ones arrived today. (via http://www.efootwear.com/) I need new jammers to swim in. I can order those.

I think that is it. All the excuses are out there on the table. No reason to not get out of bed, in the dark, and head out into the cold to swim or run. Snow will not keep me from the trainer. This training season will not be like last year when I just couldn't get started. There is an Ironman to train for and the training will start the week of Thanksgiving. In the meantime it's the continuing of base training.

And No Excuses.

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