August 16, 2008

Ranting About IM Sign Up

Ironman is getting too expensive and too hard for the average athlete to get into. As I explained earlier, we went to Lake Placid with the idea of doing a little training, watching the race and then signing up on Monday. We did all that. But to assure that we would get in, it was suggested that we volunteer at the race. The rumor was that the volunteers would be given first shot at getting in for 2009. And fueled by the fact that 2008 racers would be given the chance to sign up for 2009 on Saturday, we eagerly signed up to volunteer. Now, I enjoyed volunteering and would do it again even if I wasn't signing up for next year's race but it just seems that this race is getting to hard to experience. I don't like the idea of this year's racers getting the opportunity to sign up 2 days ealier. I also feel sorry for those who didn't volunteer and didn't get in. There had to be hundreds. And let's not even mention the poor suckers who were going on-line to try and sign up (which I did successfully for the 2006 race) and were shut out. Throw in jacked up hotel prices, 5 night minimums, $500+ entry fee's, training costs and.....whew! Somebody stop me. This sport is getting out of hand. But I love it and as long as my family and my knees support me, I'll keep doing it. It doesn't take away from all the obstacles that keep the common man either on the sideline or penniless after signing up but it is a great race and a fantastic experience.

Let's add more races, stop the Saturday sign up, cut the entry fee, get rid of, make it 3 or 4 night minimums at the hotels and make everyone witness the stinky, smelly and wet Men's transition tent at IM LP. Kidding on that last one!

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