April 06, 2008

7 Miles, 25 Degrees, Pancakes & Bacon

Last Saturday, four of us gathered for a long bike ride in wind chill weather of 25 degrees. We were in desperate need of a long ride. The warm weather has been stubborn in its arrival this year and there was a panic to get out. But 5 minutes in, with the wind blowing hard, no one wanted to continue on.

"Let's go get breakfast" This is something we always say but never act on. No one wanted to give in this time either. But as we rode on, the thought of sitting around a hot, cup of coffee was very appealing. The toes and finger tips were starting to hurt. The spirit was just not into it.

"We could do that route we did this past week." That's when the weather was about 50 degrees. The loop was about 15 miles. I was hoping for 40 today. But then it came: "let's just go once around." Everyone agreed. That's how we did a long ride of 7 miles. And then went for breakfast. man, that coffee was hot and good!

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