February 05, 2008

Slow Start II and the Super Bowl

Ok, so I only got a run in on Super Bowl Sunday but I do have excuses. I ran for 25 minutes on a mild, Winter day and had dreams of biking or swimming. I even thought of pulling out the bike trainer at night as I was watching the Giants take it to the Pats. However, once my butt hit the couch, it was all downhill. I thought hard about that trainer. I even went down in the basement, on my way to pick up a cold refreshment, and stared at the trainer in my office. It looked good too. Unfortunately, the game was coming back on so I had to run back to the family room. When halftime came, I couldn't not watch Tom Petty. I mean the guy is a legend. And then all those commercials. Wow! the good news is that I am formulating a plan so stay tuned. Eagleman is, I don't know, still about 125 days away. I've got time.

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