June 06, 2007

Just Say...Hello

When I'm out on the bike, I make it a point to acknowledge other bikers, especially triathlete bikers, when we pass. I usually give a little flick of the hand off the aerobars. Or if I'm within earshot, a quick, 'how ya doin'. I would say that in all incidences I get about a 50-50 reaction back. In other words, 50% acknowledge and 50% do not. Let's say that 10% can't because they are distracted by a car coming, a pedestrian, a bird, whatever. So, 40% don't say, Hi.

So, why is that? I mean what the heck?!!

I have my own reasons as to why 40% of the riders out there can't force themselves to say hello to a fellow rider. I think it's a reflection about our World today. We're living in the "Me, Me, Me" generation. It's all about me and no one else.

If you find your way to this site and this post and your one of the 40 percenters, make the world a better place. Just say Hi, Hello, Hey. It only takes a second.

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