January 19, 2007

Thoughts on a Friday

The cold and the snow arrived today. I can deal with the cold but the snow makes it tough for riding the bike. I used to be into skiing real big but now that I'm a triathlon junky, the snow is a nuisance. Maybe I should consider moving to a warmer climate? Gotta ask the family that one.

The sun is out, so hopefully, it will melt the snow. All 3/4 of an inch of it. I took a quick look at the forecast for Saturday and the low will be about 15 degrees. Did I say I can deal with the cold? My mistake. Looks like the trainer on Saturday for the long ride. Another one of my favorite things. Thank God for the i-Pod, the TV, DVD's, and other electronic distractions. The schedule calls for 90 minutes in the saddle. Maybe I'll swim instead. I guess I could always skip the workouts all together and then write about the remorse I feel in my next post. There's a plan. Good writing material.

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