November 25, 2006

My Old Friend the Pool

Although, I don’t officially start training for IM LP 2007 until December 6, I jumped in the water the other day for the first time in a long time. The pool has been a stranger since July 23. Oh, we’ve gone out on a few casual dates since then but nothing serious. I recently looked at my training log from 2005-06 and I had been in the pool quite a bit around this time last year. And in 2005, my “official” training program didn’t start until December 24. That was a mental bummer. But this morning, I finally rose out of bed at 6:15 (quite late!!) and arrived at the Y 25 minutes later. I have been dreaming of this for weeks and living with the guilt for not making it a reality. However, the ice was broken and I slipped on through. Even after the short session, the endorphins were firing. It felt great! I’m back with my old friend the pool. I don’t want to push too hard, so maybe, I’ll hit the trails with my mountain bike tomorrow. Let the pool sit for the weekend. Play hard to get. But maybe I’ll surprise my old friend and attend a Masters class Monday morning. Oh, wouldn’t that be nice! Hope there are no technical problems with my alarm clock.

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Shelley said...

Congrats on that and IMLP'07. I'll be there as well, did it in 2001 and had a horrible race, but finished!! I'll be back to take the demons of '01 off my back once and for all..:-) Good luck in your training!